A PHARMACEUTICAL services company has invested millions in its Basingstoke facility, highlighting its 'commitment to the area'. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology services company, has invested £35m in its Wade Road facility to expand its manufacturing operation in the field of microbiology.

The new manufacturing space will allow for a 40 per cent increase in production capacity and focus on making peptones - which make a "nutritious broth that helps bacteria to grow".

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Basingstoke Gazette: Brian Airey, Dr Jiansheng Du, Gianluca Pettiti, Claire Wallace, Andy Stickland, Ioannis Siafarikas,

Colin Drummond, site leader and senior director of operations at the Basingstoke facility, said: “I have been fortunate and privileged to lead this site, helping support a global customer base.

“This is part of something much bigger, it’s about the future of microbiology.”

Andy Stickland, vice president of operations in microbiology, added: “This is a very important investment for Basingstoke, both the site and the area.

“It’s brilliant we get to invest in a great work environment.”


According to the company, the investment in Basingstoke proves its commitment to the area as one of its largest employers. 

The expansion will also increase job security and bring in higher-level jobs with more technical skills.

The Basingstoke facility on Wade Road, opened in 1975, with the company opening a distribution warehouse in 2020, allowing it to export its products to over 75 countries.

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