SHOPS, homes and businesses in and around Chineham have been plunged into darkness as a power cut is affecting hundreds of properties.

The power went out at 5.40pm this evening, Wednesday, November 22. 

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks say the issue is affecting nearly 500 properties across 30 postcodes starting with RG24. 

A message on its website says it was an 'unplanned outage.' 

Basingstoke Gazette: Map showing affected properties Map showing affected properties (Image: SSEN)

It says: "We are very sorry for the loss of supply. Our engineers are on site working hard to get your power back on." 

It is estimated that the power will be back on by midnight tonight. 

Shoppers who were in Chineham Shopping Centre found themselves shopping in the dark when the power outage hit. 

One shopper, Cath Gorick, from Popley, was among dozens of people in Tesco when it hit. 

She said: "Everybody was told to leave their shopping behind. All shops' lights had gone out and the street lights too, I presume the garage as well.

"A lot of people were in there with their shopping. It was quite funny as we found ourselves in the dark. I had nearly finished my shopping but was told to leave it in the trolley." 

For more information on the power cut, call 105.