Sam Hett’s complaint about the BDBC flying an Israeli flag on the council offices has got me fuming.

Isn’t that view another sign of anti-Semitism?

Does Sam value the lives of Gazans more than those of Jews?

If we, in Basingstoke (or other parts of the UK) were constantly bombarded by missiles by a neighbouring country that didn’t think we had a right to exist and then they entered and murdered our citizens, wouldn’t Sam like to know that there were countries who sympathised with the victims?

As noted in the article, the council only flew the flag until October 13.   

I hope Sam isn’t hoodwinked into thinking protest marches where there are chants of ‘From the River to the Sea’ are really in support of people who are suffering and in need of food and water when that chant is well known to be a call to eliminate Israel.

Trevor Rose

South Ham Road


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