A NEW bar and lounge has opened in Basingstoke's Top of Town, aiming to offer a relaxed experience for the more mature audience

Alchemy Bar & Lounge, which opened at 16 Winchester Street, promises a unique experience, blending relaxation, eco-consciousness, and community spirit.

Owned by Jimmy Ward, 35, and Thomas Hull, 34, Alchemy is an extension of their thriving venture, Alchemy Organic Salons.

The duo, partners in both life and business, took the leap by acquiring the building, which now houses not only the salon but also the newly inaugurated bar and lounge.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Alchemy bar & lounge that opened in BasingstokeCheck out the gallery above to see the photos from inside the new business.

Unlike your typical late-night party venue, Alchemy aims to provide a haven for a more mature audience, focusing on fostering a sense of community and eco-consciousness.

The atmosphere is designed for those seeking a relaxed, human-centric experience.

Organic wines curated by James Pettit, along with organic cocktails, set the stage for a delightful drinking experience.

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The bar boasts an impressive eco-friendly beer pump system known as "smart dispense" making it one of the first in Basingstoke to adopt such a sustainable approach.

This innovative system not only enhances the drinking experience but also significantly reduces the use of harmful chemicals and waste.

In addition to its unique drink selection, Alchemy has introduced its own blend of organic coffee.