A CALENDAR showcasing Basingstoke’s kebab vans has gained interest from around the world after it was shared on a Facebook group. 

Anna Faye, a 56-year-old Basingstoke resident, created her business, Beloved Basingstoke due to her interest in amateur photography.

She began making cards for friends and family of beauty spots in the area, including the Jane Austen statue, however, she found that people were more interested in pictures of ‘roundabout city’.

She said: “After several years, I made a greetings card with six images of the town's kebab vans. I was always amazed how many of them there are in the borough."

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Basingstoke Gazette: The viral calendar

Anna continued: “The owner of a kebab van was rather upset that his wasn't on the card and asked if I could do a second card which included theirs.

“I had a look around and found there were at least another six kebab vans that I could include. The cards proved popular - the people of Basingstoke certainly like their kebabs.”

Anna sold the cards at All Our Own Crafts, a pop-up craft shop selling handmade goods.

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“Customers suggested there were enough kebab vans to justify a calendar. I didn't think many people would want one, but I made one up and it has proved really popular," she said.

"I took the photos over the past three years, and they include Tadley Kebabs on Aldermaston Road, Joe's Kebabs on Grafton Way and Station Kebabs outside Basingstoke station in the evening to name a few."

Anna has had interest in the calendars from as far as New Zealand since it was shared on the Dull Men’s Club, a Facebook group with over 400,000 members.

At the time of writing a post about the calendar on the Facebook group had 244 shares and 570 comments, with one person writing: "I’ve never been to Basingstoke or bought a kebab from the back of a van, however, this is probably the best calendar I have seen by far." 

The calendars are currently sold out, however, Anna is hoping to get more in stock soon.

The calendar, along with greeting cards and postcards, is available from All Our Own Crafts in Festival Place.