THE owner of a popular Indian restaurant in Basingstoke said he and the team are 'delighted to be recognised' after winning a Good Food Award. 

Spices and Spirits, in the Kings Furlong Centre, has been awarded a Gold Seal by the Good Food Awards after being recognised as "a hard-working team which strives for culinary excellence within their field". 

Chosen for their food quality, service and value, the Gold Seal is bestowed upon businesses achieving consistently high customer ratings and votes over three years, making the Gold Seal a marque of distinction.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The team at Spices and Spirits The team at Spices and Spirits (Image: Spices and Spirits)

Owner Nitin Patil said: "This is the third year in a row we have been awarded by Good Food Awards. Last two years, it was a blue ribbon but this time it is a gold ribbon. We are delighted to be recognised for the authentic Indian cuisine we serve to our guests.

"We will work harder to keep our food quality standards high and serve our guests for the best experience that they deserve."

Spices and Spirits is the brainchild of husband and wife team Anushree and Nitin Patil, who strive to create a restaurant serving the exciting taste of the many regions of India, combined with style, flair, and presentation.

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Anushree has spent time with the best chefs from various parts of India, to learn and understand from their experience with the best of Indian regional cuisine in restaurants, private homes, stately palaces and street vendors.

A spokesperson for Good Food Awards said: "These have all influenced the menu at Spices and Spirits and the menu blends regional recipes and traditional ingredients with modern techniques and presentation.

"All dishes emphasise lightness but still have all the spicing and flavour expected from an Indian meal, and organic ingredients are used where possible. The tandoori oven is used imaginatively, not only for the obvious candidates such as chicken and lamb but also for vegetables and paneer. This menu offers many vegan dishes too.

"Elegance, good cooking, fine wines, warm service, fair pricing and an ambience which are understated yet refined, is what puts Spices and Spirits in the best Indian cuisine category."