PIZZA Express has unveiled its redesigned Basingstoke restaurant, having undergone an extensive remodel. 

Having long been a favourite since first opening 13 years ago in Festival Place, the restaurant has recently celebrated the completion of remodelling works.

Across the two-level restaurant, customers will notice a new colour palette of deep greens, complemented by tropical blue and green wallpaper features.

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Customers will be able to relax as they watch pizzaiolos (pizza chefs) create their favourite pizza. With a touch of theatre brought to their dining experience, pizzaiolos will knead and flare dough right in front of customers’ eyes before topping it off with their chosen ingredients.

General manager Bradley Keysell and his 27 team members are excited to show off the remodelled pizzeria.

Bradley said: "I started my career as a pizzaiolo in 2015 and am proud to now be leading the Pizza Express Basingstoke Festival Place team.

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"Our team can't wait to show off our new look. We love nothing more than serving up perfect pizza to our customers and providing a memorable dining experience.”

Festival Place centre director, Neil Churchill, said: "The Pizza Express refurbishment is indicative of Festival Place’s ongoing food and beverage evolution.

"The commitment of our existing tenants to invest in and introduce innovative concepts not only reinforces the success of the venue but also underscores its enduring relevance and appeal."