In his letter (November 2 edition), David White takes issue with Labour’s supposed poor record on spending, whilst omitting any reference to the billions wasted by the Tory government during the COVID pandemic, much of it lost to fraud and suspicious contracts with associated donors.

He then finishes his letter arguing that as we only produce one per cent of CO2, that we should not bother to do anything to mitigate our output. He forgets what we have been putting into the atmosphere since the advent of our dirty coal-based industrial revolution in the 19th Century. He suggest nuclear power as a solution but forgets the enormous costs, financial and environmental, of dealing with the waste produced.

At my age, I will thankfully miss the full impact of climate change but I am concerned for the future generations that will come after me. So we must stop this self-centred selfishness focusing only on the now and behave like a “Global Britain” to save the future.

Frank Hynes

Thyme Close



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