TWENTY-seven years in the process!  With Basingstoke's shameful planning record the entire plans need serious modernising.

The current plans are out of date and if they go ahead in their present form we will have and entire estate built for the wrong century, certainly not for the future.

The big issue with future planning is that parking allowance attached to individual properties is ridiculously out of date.  Homes today have three and four vehicles, visitors add a further car.  There are roads in Basingstoke areas now where emergency vehicles could not get through.  This cannot be written out of future designs.  Here in The Vale parked vans create dangerous blind spots having to park on the roads, equally many roads are dangerous to access at weekends and things, unless sensible planning is incorporated, will just get worse. Cars are here to stay.

Another planning fault, especially with the future in mind, is that growing our own vegetables will be essential as the cost of living becomes an issue.  We need to be able to cultivate our plots, impossible with postage stamp gardens, we have to wake up to the future needs.


Graeme Hewitt

The Vale


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