POLICE stopped a Deliveroo employee for riding their moped down a footpath in Popley. 

Officers were out on patrol in Popley on Friday, November 3, when they spotted the moped being ridden down a footpath in Falkland Road. 

The rider was given a Section 59 Warning Notice that tells them, that should they be caught either by officers or by CCTV footage in the future, their moped will be seized. To reclaim the moped they would have to pay recovery and storage costs.

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A post on Basingstoke Cops Facebook page said: "We take a strong zero-tolerance attitude on mopeds riding on footpaths in Basingstoke and should we receive any evidence clearly showing this occur, please be assured that owners and riders will be dealt with by the same process.

"Often a warning notice is enough to deter this behaviour, however on the odd occasion, it is not. It is at this point whereby, officers will use their discretion and seize the vehicle.

"If you see any similar incidents take place please get in touch with Hampshire Constabulary on 101 or via our website."