A BASINGSTOKE boy has secured two highly prestigious online maths-based awards.

Vishruth Sai Keshettivar, nine, who has been declared the winner of level 11/8A of an International Maths Olympiad organised by The British Youth International College (BYITC), is also celebrating the completion of a world-leading, and challenging, Abacus training programme which has been likened to a 'mini-PhD'.

“Vishruth is a smart child with a huge appetite for maths and calculations," said his mother, Navya.

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“Witnessing his profound love for mathematics and his dedication to mastering the abacus is truly inspiring and underscores the significance of dedication and excellence. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to BYITC and the dedicated teachers who have nurtured and bolstered his love for mathematics, as well as for their unwavering support in celebrating his achievements.”

The competition, centred around BYITC's inventive Abacus math training programme, offers students a set of mental arithmetic challenges to assess the skills they've developed through the world’s first game-based abacus learning application and various other cognition techniques.

Vishruth, who is a student at Oakridge Junior School, received his accolades at an awards ceremony organised by computer scientist and educator, Dr Rashmi Mantri, head of The British Youth International College, who set up the organisation in 2015 after teaching her son, Druhvi, maths using a counting tool that has been used for millennia – the abacus.

To find out more about BYITC, visit its website.