MEMBERS of a camera club who specialise in portrait photography recently carried out a collaboration with a Basingstoke organisation that strives to instil Indian culture and traditions among the next generation. 

Basingstoke Camera Club members carried out a project with the Nupura School of Arts to create a set of images for them, showing their traditional costumes. 

President-Elect of Basingstoke Camera Club, Simon Williams, said: “We saw a press article about a visit to the Nupura School of Arts by the worshipful Mayor of Basingstoke, so contacted them. The school’s director, Preethikhaa Ravichanthaar, was really excited about the opportunity for us to take images of the dancers wearing their amazing traditional costumes.”

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The Nupura School of Arts, established in 2018, is committed to cultural preservation and artistic excellence for individuals seeking training and a deep understanding of Indian arts and traditions. Their speciality is Bharathanatyam, a type of Indian dance.

Three photographic studios were set up in the camera club’s headquarters and the members took individual and group portraits. Over 30 male and female students and teachers came to the event dressed in their exquisite costumes and wearing traditional makeup.

The more experienced portrait photographers in the club were also able to help those members with less experience, or no previous experience of studio portrait photography. 

Simon added: “We are really pleased with the outcome of this event and proud of the images we produced for the dance school.

"This event is one of several outreach events we’ve run in collaboration with local clubs and societies to capture the character and interests of people living in the Basingstoke community and the surrounding areas.

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"In September, we photographed the reenactors from the Marquess of Winchester’s regiment at the English Civil War re-enactment at Old Basing House and are now really pleased to have also worked with the Nupura School of Arts.

"Other clubs interested in working on a collaborative project can reach out to us via our website."

School director Preethikhaa Ravichanthaar said: "I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation and admiration for Basingstoke Camera Club’s talent in photography. Their work has consistently left me in awe, and I believe it's crucial to acknowledge and celebrate their remarkable skills.

"Simon and his team created a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that shined throughout the session. This rapport undoubtedly contributed to the authenticity and emotional resonance of the photographs. We, Nupura School of Arts, are grateful to Simon and his team for giving us this chance to develop our portfolio.”

Basingstoke Camera Club meet weekly at the Oakridge West Community Centre in Basingstoke and is a diverse and inclusive club that has over 100 members.

More information on the Basingstoke Camera Club can be found at, and more on the Nupura School of Arts can be found at