A BAR in Basingstoke held a trench-style Sunday lunch, to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

The Gabardine Bar, in London Street, hosted the event on Sunday, October 22, where attendees were able to meet members of the Royal British Legion and find out more about what they do.

The event raised funds for the Basingstoke and Overton Branch of the charity, with all profits from the day going to the branch to fund activities in the Basingstoke and Deane area. 

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A 'trench-style' lunch menu was curated by Gabardine Bar, which served a selection of spam, mash and peas, stew and bread, and spotted dick and custard in mess tins accompanied by a mug of tea.

The day also hosted a short parade from the Willis Museum to the Gabardine Bar, with members of the Royal British Legion, Armed Forces veterans including Chelsea pensioners, and members of the Old Basing Corps of Drums taking part in the parade.

Basingstoke Gazette: Old Basing Corps of DrumsOld Basing Corps of Drums (Image: Cllr David McIntyre, Canva)

Cllr Simon Minas-Bound, who attended the event, said: “A heartfelt thank you to the Gabardine Bar, the Chelsea Pensioners, and the Royal British Legion for hosting an outstanding event to remember the work of the legion in supporting our service personnel.”

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Cllr David Mcintyre, who also attended, added: “It was great to see such a fantastic turnout from Basingstoke residents to support the fundraising efforts for the Basingstoke and Overton branch.

"We had two brilliant gents from the Chelsea Pensioners come through in support as well. 

"Thanks to all involved for your service and continuing support for our veterans. Thanks as well to the Gabardine Bar for all the fantastic work you put into hosting this event for the Royal British Legion.”