A MASSIVE pumpkin weighing 19 stone has squashed the competition and won a charity’s annual competition.

Each year Basingstoke Mencap hosts a contest to find the biggest squashes at its GreenFingers project at the Elizabeth Road Allotments.

On Saturday, September 30, group member Malcolm Denham was crowned the winner with his 19-stone pumpkin.

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In second place, was Shaun Taylor’s six-and-a-half stone squash, while Michael Phelps claimed third win with his five-and-a-half stone pumpkin.

Basingstoke Mencap is dedicated to ‘making a real difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community’.

Deputy manager at GreenFingers Noelia Rico Cordero said: “Our mission at Basingstoke Mencap is to provide essential support, advocacy, and opportunities for people with disabilities, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives and fully participate in society.”

Charity manager Tatu Delaney added: “Basingstoke Mencap is committed to breaking down barriers, fostering independence, and championing the potential of every individual with a disability.”

The charity also runs monthly plant fairs, with the next fair taking place on Saturday, October 28. All profits go back into supporting Basingstoke Mencap’s initiatives, including GreenFingers.