I am writing regarding #keepiceinbasingstoke. 

Now, it is no secret that the council has never been a fan of having an ice rink in Basingstoke, hence the lack of repair work. 

If they don’t want the responsibility of maintaining an ice rink and Standard Securities also doesn’t want the responsibility of owning the ice rink, then why not just sell it?

It has come to light recently that a celebrity, who happens to play ice hockey himself, offered to buy the rink but was dismissed as he was told he’d need to buy the whole Leisure Park. 

Keeping ice in Basingstoke for many, isn't just a want but a NEED.

Basingstoke Gazette: Emma Powell's son at the rink

My childhood weekend memories consist of late skating on a Friday then watching the Basingstoke Bison play on a Saturday followed by more ice skating.

It gave me a sense of independence. It kept me fit. It made me laugh and made me cry.

And it is now something that my own children and I used to do every weekend.

My children and I have made lifelong friends and so have many others that use the rink often. Including friendships with the former Basingstoke Bison players. 

My daughter is currently learning to skate at Basingstoke, again, along with many others. Whether it is paid-for lessons or self-taught, the ice rink is in constant use.

This place is home to many who struggle to fit in or use the ice rink as a place to get away from difficult or abusive home life.  

It is a safe haven for many! 

There are so many other things young children and teenagers could be doing on a Saturday or Sunday evening. They could be doing drugs or getting arrested. But instead, we come together as the loudest supporters I know and we laugh, cry, cheer and scream, as a community from all over the UK, whilst putting money into your pockets.

Even now, Planet Ice is still bringing in revenue. It is always bringing in money. 

And so, I ask, if neither party want responsibility for our safe haven and the repairs that need doing ASAP for a 24/25 ice hockey season, please, please, please consider selling to someone who has Basingstoke and surrounding area needs at heart. 

Emma Powell



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