Quite often NHS comes under criticism, but credit must be given where it is due.

My wife saw a consultant today privately who had operated on her a couple of years back.

He concluded she needed an ultrasound scan to confirm his diagnosis.

She raised her concern that getting this privately is expensive as we didn't have insurance cover and wondered if he could refer her to our GP for NHS to do the scan.

He, very kindly, agreed and rang the hospital and said to expect a call from the hospital.

When we were driving back, Basingstoke hospital called us asking us to come for the scan.

This was done without delay and also required a blood test which was done immediately.

The consultant called to say that we should collect medication from the hospital pharmacy and expect a call in the afternoon from the hospital.

Promptly a call came to explain the medication and the treatment.  Everything worked perfectly without any delay and my wife was treated with utmost courtesy.

It is easy to criticise NHS but North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke must be given full credit for the way this was handled. Credit is also due to the consultant who we saw privately for the kindness shown.

Thank you NHS, you made us proud today.

Rama Murthy

Van Dyck Close


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