I WISH I could share Michael Scott’s positive view of CGH Practice but I cannot (Letters, Thursday, September 28).

They have pushed people to use the app (partly by having such long queues to get through by phone) but they don’t have the options/categories to cover all medical conditions. 

I had chest pain, on a few occasions, while walking uphill - this fell into none of the categories on the app (I should mention that I do have the sense to call 999 if the pain didn’t subside) so I raised my eConsult using ‘other enquiry’ on 26th June at 9.14am - bear in mind that the app says you should get a call the same day if you raise the eConsult before 1pm.

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After five days CGH hadn’t been in touch so I posted on Basingstoke Connect (Facebook) asking for comments/opinions. I was shocked by some responses that people had been waiting for weeks to get a call back/email from CGH.  It was also recommended that I switch to Bramblys Grange Surgery.

It was so easy to switch to Bramblys Grange and the staff there have been very helpful.

After I had registered with Bramblys Grange I got a reply from CGH to my eConsult saying that because I was no longer a patient they couldn’t help (there was no sign of concern about my chest pain).

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I would like to say that before the ‘merger’, and acquisition by Operose, Camrose Medical Partnership were brilliant. The doctors who looked after my mum were amazing. I think it’s a case of ‘companies’ getting too big and losing focus on what is important.  

If CGH can’t monitor the eConsult communication (from the app) then they really need to give patients another alternative other than queueing for hours on the phone.

Trevor Rose

South Ham Road


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