RESIDENTS are being asked to give their views on whether the borough council should continue to fine dog owners who don’t clear up after their pets.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is proposing to renew a borough-wide public spaces protection order that takes a firmer stance on dog fouling and is asking people to have their say. 

The order for dog fouling was first introduced in December 2020 after the council was able to demonstrate that dog fouling in public spaces is a problem across the borough.

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The order makes it an offence for people not to clear up after their dog has fouled in a public place and requires they carry dog poo bags with them. If they do not they could receive an on-the-spot fine of £100 or be prosecuted at a magistrates court. 

Raising awareness and educating dog owners on how to be responsible pet owners is the preferred approach for the council. But when further action is required, officers can issue fines.  

Cabinet member for residents’ services and Housing Cllr Laura James said: “The majority of dog owners act responsibly and clear up after their pets but there is a minority that do not and this is not acceptable or fair on other people using our open spaces. 

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“Since the introduction of the order three years ago, our officers have had greater powers to take enforcement action when needed, with fines of £100 or the threat of prosecution at court to help stamp out this selfish and lazy behaviour. 

“Our parks and open spaces are for everyone to enjoy and we want to keep it that way. This order has given our officers more power to help ‘clean up’ any issues of dog fouling in the borough and without it we’d be very limited in tackling the problem. We want to maintain these tougher enforcement powers by renewing the order and are asking for people’s views on this.” 

People can have their say until Sunday, October 22 by visiting