READERS have been getting nostalgic about the former Woolworths store, sharing their cherished memories of the legendary 'Woolies'.

We asked our readers to take a trip down memory lane on our Facebook page and many revealed their deep affection for the once-popular shop.

Gloria Tripp recounted that she worked at Woolworths in the 70s.

Steven Rolfe, too, had the pleasure of working in the store's restaurant "as a youngster on Saturdays, in the mid-eighties".

Debbie Wenderby fondly recalled having "a nice cheap cooked brekkie in there upstairs upstairs" during her college days, while Ali Butler emphasised her love for Woolworth's "amazing pic 'n' mix", she added that she is "so sad they have gone".

A common thread among the nostalgic anecdotes were the renowned pick 'n' mix sweets, with Michael Tad Hopkins labelling it "the best pick 'n' mix ever". Hayley Monckton-Smith recalled choosing her favourite CDs in the former retail giant, she said: "They should bring back Woolworths, we need more retailers in town!"

Similarly, Nicola Emery nostalgically remembered buying her "records there as a teenager".

Marianne McCarthy shared her passion for collecting memorabilia: "I used to get Harry Potter stickers and Star Wars stickers at Woolworths."

One comment stood out in its novelty: Laurence Donald Charles Twist disclosed: "I still have a Lord of the Rings plastic cup from the pick 'n' mix" which he got when The Return of the King came out, "that was 20 years ago," he said.

Caroline Wrigley "worked there as a 'Saturday girl'".

She pointed out the need for a similar department store in the town: "We could do with a few more of the old shops... even just one department store close by would be great."

My own personal memories include rushing upstairs as a child, heading straight to the toy section to plead with my mum to buy me one of the hundreds of Doctor Who action figures that covered the shelves.

It is clear that the people of Basingstoke long for the return of the much-loved 'Woolies', or a shop in a similar vein, it has been a long time since we last had a new department store open in our town.

With the likes of Woolworths and Debenhams gone for good, the town is crying out for a decent replacement to fill the noticeable void left behind in their absence.

What are your favourite memories about Woolworths?