A BASINGSTOKE venue has cancelled an upcoming event where Katie Hopkins was due to perform stand-up comedy after receiving 'negative feedback'.

The Wote Street Club said the show was booked as a 'private hire' by Katie Hopkins' management company. 

Ms Hopkins first found fame starring as a contestant on the reality television show The Apprentice in 2006 before appearing more regularly in the media.

She has since found fame online due to her outspoken views on politics, social class and race.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The Wote Street Club in BasingstokeThe Wote Street Club in Basingstoke (Image: Google)

According to her website and Instagram page, Ms Hopkins was due to perform her stand-up show Infectious to a sold-out crowd at the club in Seal Road on Friday, October 27.

The date is still listed by Ms Hopkins on her website, but the Gazette has been told by the club that the scheduled performance has been cancelled.

A spokesperson from the club said: "This was a private hire the club did not book her direct. Her management company hired the club and in the wake of recent performances of the Katie Hopkins stand-up comedy show the club has received a lot of negative feedback from the public and social media.

"It's for this reason the Wote Street Club's committee decided to cancel the forthcoming date for the private hire.

"The Wote Street is and always has been a club for everyone and does not share the options of her and the majority of her following."

This comes days after a New Forest venue also cancelled an upcoming Katie Hopkins stand-up show. 

In response to the cancellations, Ms Hopkins has written on Instagram: "Dear venues. Our audiences are the loveliest - we drink your bars dry …and I’m a lot funnier than #JimmyCarr (low bar) Do not give in to the cancel nonsense. Lend us your stage. You won’t regret it."