BASINGSTOKE has been criticised for being another 'boring commuter town' by a TikTok comedian. 

TikTok user Philc84 has made a name for himself on the video platform for his sarcasm and wit when visiting different British towns and cities. 

It's safe to say Brits love a bit of dry humour, and his videos go down so well that he has more than 708,000 followers. 

In his videos, the TikToker takes viewers around and shows them the local landmarks, pairing his tour with a witty, but sometimes harsh, voice-over. 

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It was only a matter of time before he came to Basingstoke. 

@philc84 The most dull place we’ve been? Definitely in the top 3. #basingstoke in #hampshire #placestovisit #britishhumour #ukcomedy #satire #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Phil

On Sunday, September 24, Phil posted his Basingstoke video and in less than 19 hours it was watched nearly 140,000 times and has more than 13,000 likes. 

He begins the video: "Oh for the love of god, we're back in another grey commuter town that was irrelevant until after the war when there was a shortage of housing and people would live anywhere. 

"Basingstoke is popular with people who work in London but don't want to pay London house prices. The property here is much cheaper.

"If you live here and the trains aren't running though, you're screwed because Basingstoke is pretty much closer to Wales than it is to London. So, your commute will become longer and riskier than Sam and Frodo's was."

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With the recent train strikes, Phil might have a point there. 

The TikTok comedian was also unimpressed about the number of Aldis and Lidls in the town, plus Iceland in Festival Place did not fill him with joy. 

While he admired the Jane Austen statue, he also said: "I can't decide whether Basingstoke care about her or not. They built her a lovely statue then shoved it next to some bins." 

It wasn't all bad though. 

Phil took a walk to the leisure park and said: "There's a fun-looking indoor skydiving centre, which is opposite a massive fire station so help is now far away."

He was also impressed with our pub offerings. He said: "For quite a small town, there isn't one but two Wetherspoons. Basingstoke is a two-Wetherspoon town - I like it."

But, unfortunately, Phil did end the video on a low note. 

He said: "Autumn is here, summer is over, the wind is picking up and the rain is coming down. I cannot think of a town that symbolizes the emotion of summer ending more than Basingstoke."