I feel compelled to respond to the article I read on September 7, as well as the subsequent letter to the editor on September 21, both discussing the proposed sale of the Camrose, Gillies & Hackwood (CGH) practice.

I want to share my own experiences with the surgery, offering a different perspective. 

I've encountered issues with the practice in the past. At one point, the phone lines made it incredibly challenging to reach them, although I must acknowledge that this situation has improved since.

The practice strongly encourages the use of their appointment booking app, which I understand might not be suitable for everyone. 

However, I firmly believe that blaming the management team is not entirely fair.

When I had a complaint about the care I received, I was invited to the surgery for a meeting with the patient experience manager and a senior GP.

They attentively listened to my concerns and crafted a plan for my ongoing care. I found this approach responsive and empathetic. 

I've always found the staff at CGH to be polite and professional. The NHS has gone through significant changes, especially due to Covid-19, not all of which have been positive. However, the CGH team has been a source of tremendous support for me during these challenging times. 

In my opinion, it would be refreshing to see a more positive perspective printed in the Gazette. While there have been difficulties, there have also been remarkable efforts and successes from the CGH practice. 

Michael Scott 

Cumberland Avenue

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