I was interested in your article about the proposed sale of the poorly performing CGH practice (Gazette, September 7). You were wrong to state that Operose was to blame for their problems. The practice did it all on their own, as I have written about before. When the Government announced, that they wanted larger practices, that would get better funding, it was decided to amalgamate three practices (Beggarwood followed later) which would attract £6.4m in funding, (based on the latest figures I can find).

From the start, you could not get through on the telephone, it was quicker to go to the practice. We were told that this was due to being really busy, yet when you went to the practice, there was hardly anyone in the waiting area. Eventually, it was admitted, that the telephone system was to blame. It's not much better today, ring them and you get a long patronising message saying they are busy, due to any one of staff illness/shortage or training. One saving grace, if you ring them, you can save your place in the long queue, and they will ring you. They don't seem to have enough GPs, they want to do everything via the internet or telephone, not face-to-face.

However, when I have had dealings, with the staff, they are always polite and helpful. The problem is a management team, who are incapable of running a practice with 42,000 patients over four sites. Now even Operose have given up.

D.J. White 

Coates Close 


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