Seven long years have passed since the Referendum - a topic that appears to be giving your correspondent unremitting political indigestion (Gazette, Thursday, September 7).

The allegation that the vote was purely advisory must be challenged, as it is simply untrue.

David Cameron in a speech at Chatham House on November 10 2015 said: "If we vote to leave, then we will leave; there will not be […] another referendum."

The writer also expressed concern that the voters were lied to.

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But consider the dire words that were uttered, commonly known as Project Fear.

In May 2016 a speech by chancellor George Osborne warned of increased borrowing, unemployment, falling house prices and a recession – did any of these things take place?

If we really want to rejoin the EU, at a time when Britain is forging ahead, can we afford to spend £250m a week (net) on the membership cost?

And hands up anyone who wants to ditch the pound for the euro - a currency which makes Monopoly money look gold-plated by comparison.

Hugh Sawyer

Foyle Park,


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