FIREFIGHTERS in Basingstoke have completed a monumental challenge to raise funds for charity and remember a former colleague.

The team from White Watch Basingstoke climbed the drill tower at the town's fire station for 24 hours non-stop to the equivalent height of Mount Everest, which is 8,850 metres.

The group completed the climb wearing their full uniform including boots, helmets and breathing apparatus, weighing more than 30kg.

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The team raised money for Kidney Cancer UK and The Fire Fighters Charity, after deciding to take on the challenge in memory of their colleague, Watch Manager Aaron Jepp, who died of kidney cancer.

The team started at 12noon on Friday, September 8 and completed the gruelling mission 24 hours later during Basingstoke Fire Station’s public open day on Saturday, September 9.

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Event organisers Dan Macpherson and Sally Gould, who are two members of the team which undertook the challenge, said: "We're so grateful for everyone's donations and support in undertaking the challenge. 

"The team have been hard at it, and walking up there as the sun is coming up throughout the night has given us time to reflect on our reasons for doing it. It's been emotional and hard, but the team carried on through the night with high morale.

"It’s a personal challenge as well as a charitable one, and we’re very happy to be able to raise money for these charities and the great things they support."

The event has raised over £2,500 so far, beating their target of £2000. To donate visit fundraiser - Stair Climb to Everest (