BASINGSTOKE will soon welcome a new business to the Top of Town — one with a unique focus on eco-consciousness and community.

Alchemy Bar & Lounge, preparing to open its doors in mid-October 2023, is poised to become a relaxed haven for the mature audience in town.

Owned and operated by a dedicated duo, 35-year-old Jimmy Ward and 34-year-old Thomas Hull, Alchemy Bar & Lounge is an extension of their already successful venture, Alchemy Organic Salons in Basingstoke.

Their vision is clear: to provide a warm and welcoming space for individuals over the age of 21, offering organic and eco-friendly alternatives in both beverages and atmosphere.

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It will open at 16 Winchester Street, to fill the space previously occupied by the Basingstoke Service Centre.

The building, which also houses the organic salon, has been purchased by Jimmy and Tom, who are partners in life and business.

Alchemy Organic Salons was opened in July 2019 with just Jimmy and Tom to start with. Today, it is a salon team of 10.

Their close-knit relationship extends to their clients, many of whom have become friends over time.

This personal connection drives their hands-on approach to the business, ensuring that every patron feels welcomed and at home.

Basingstoke Gazette: Thomas Hull and Jimmy Ward, the owners of Alchemy Organic Salon and the upcoming Alchemy Bar and Lounge.Thomas Hull and Jimmy Ward, the owners of Alchemy Organic Salon and the upcoming Alchemy Bar and Lounge. (Image: Contributed)

Jimmy said the atmosphere within Alchemy Bar & Lounge will be a far cry from the typical late-night party venue.

"This is an environment designed for those seeking a relaxed, community-oriented experience. The focus is on human interaction, with table service to ensure a warm and personal touch and not QR codes.

"We want to create somewhere that's a community of people. It is going to have gorgeous drinks in gorgeous glasses in a relaxed environment."

The bar's commitment to eco-friendliness will be evident in its offerings.

Customers can expect organic wines provided by James Pettit wines, organic cocktails, and an impressive eco-friendly beer pump system known as "smart dispense", a nod to the establishment's green ethos.

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Jimmy said this system reduces the use of harmful chemicals and waste, making it "one of the first in Basingstoke to implement such a sustainable approach".

To further offset their carbon footprint, Jimmy and Tom undertake an admirable initiative by planting trees in various locations, including Mozambique, Madagascar, and the Scottish Highlands.

In a unique twist, the new business will also feature its own blend of organic coffee.

The coffee shop and bar plans to hire around five staff members initially.

The long-term vision includes transforming the upstairs space into an organic restaurant, adding further possibilities for employment and community engagement.