HUNDREDS of attendees flocked to the 55th annual Sherfield and District Flower, Produce, and Craft Show on Sunday, September 3.

This year's theme focused on the King and his interests in the natural world, ecology, green responsibility, gardening, sustainability, art, and community.

The event was graced by guest appearance Pippa Greenwood, known for her frequent appearances on BBC Radio 4's Gardener's Question Time and as a gardening consultant on the TV programme Rosemary and Thyme from 2003 to 2006.

Pippa, who enjoyed the show, emphasised the importance of such events for the community, particularly during a time when outdoor spaces have gained renewed significance.

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"A few years ago, a lot of gardening clubs stopped. Although Covid was catastrophic, if there were any positive, it reminded people how important outdoor space is.

“Even in a village like this, there are situations where one person living alone in a house. They are on their own. So it is a nice occasion to get together and have a nice bit of competition. Even if they get together and grumble about the person who always wins the carrots competition or sandwich contest, it is good. It is a good healthy competition especially when you get children involved.”

The Sherfield show featured an array of exhibits, including vegetables, fruits, potted palms, wines, spirits, slow gin, handicrafts, needlework, cakes, and jams. Participants in the competition were primarily from Bramley, Sherfield, and Sherfield Park, with a rule that entrants should reside within 15 miles.

Committee member Richard Elphick praised the show's success, with 120 entrants this year.

He said: “This is a lot better than we expected. We were getting a bit worried because it has been a funny season in gardening. It’s been so hot early on and wet later on. A lot of vegetables have finished. But you can see the fantastic vegetables we have here. Good fruits this year generally and very good dahlia collection."

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The event, a blend of seriousness and fun, saw preparations from 8.30am to 11am, followed by public access from 1pm to 3pm. It concluded with prize distribution, raffle drawing, and an auction of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Capital Garden Centre sponsored the event, with private individuals and businesses providing raffle prizes.

Diana Stacy, another committee member, said: “Far more people taking part, we have a lot of new entrants. We have twice as many children, so we must be doing something nice.

"We have Sherfield Garden Centre also supporting this show, which is great.”

The show recognised the following winners:

The Bowman Trophy Junior Horticulture: Charlotte Guest

The Happy Faces Trophy (Under 5’s most points): Charlotte Guest

The Elphick Cup (KS1 most points): Florence Burrows

The Brain Cup (KS2 most points): Alice Burrows

The John Rolton Cup (Junior Photography Classes most points): Shared by Florence Phillips and Alice Burrows

The Quenchers’ Cup (New Exhibitor with most points): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Sherfield Trophy (Horticultural Classes most points): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

Sherfield & District Garden Club Trophy (Horticultural Classes most points): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Farmers’ Cup (Horticultural Novice most points): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Forecourt Cup (Vegetable Classes most points): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Loddon Cup (Fruit Classes most points): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Gresham-Cooke Trophy (Flower Classes most points): John Attwood

The Traders’ Trophy (Rose Classes): Cathering Bartrum

The Pot Plant Trophy: Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Onion Cup (Heaviest Onion): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Crowson Cup (Floral Art Classes): Natalie Larner

The Eustace Vase (Floral Art Novice): Hazel Cook

The Gosden Cup (All Domestic Classes most points): Julie Cripps

The John Hill Trophy (Drinks Classes): Duncan Broughton

The Bramley Camp Shield (Handicraft Classes most points): Christine Davies

A.R.T. Trophy (Best item in ‘hard materials’): Julie Cripps

The Manser Challenge Bowl (Home Produce Classes): Julie Cripps

The Jordan Cup (Jams, preserves, and pickles most points): Tessa Elphick

The Lyde Cup (Novelty Classes most points): Lauren Dotor Cespedes

The Dawson Cup (Fine art Classes most points): Nikki Rimmer

The Photographers’ Trophy (Photography Classes most points): John Swanston

The show celebrated gardening and community spirit while highlighting achievements in horticulture and craftsmanship.