I am normally asleep by 10pm. I was woken by the sound of tapping at 1.45am which I ignored at first but then lay worrying who/what it might be so I got up and looked out of the window. I saw a delivery moped (not sure if it was Deliveroo/JustEat/UberEats) and the light was on.

I opened the window and called out to the driver -  he hadn’t removed his crash helmet so couldn’t hear me, he had dialled a number on his mobile and he was having trouble hearing – probably because he hadn’t removed his crash helmet – I could hear it fine from upstairs, I expect my neighbours could too. The person on the other end was saying ‘no, it’s number 21” (not my address).

The delivery companies should do basic night-time awareness training where they tell the drivers "don't knock at a house where there are no lights on” (meaning people are sleeping). They could just phone the person who ordered when they are outside the door (preferably not on speakerphone so they’d need to remove their crash helmet). I was awake for over an hour after (fuming that I’d been woken up).

Imagine if the same thing had happened to an elderly/infirm person?

Trevor Rose 

South Ham Road


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