A CHILD from Basingstoke was taken to hospital after being electrocuted in Winklebury.

The incident happened around 2pm on Saturday, August 26, when three children were playing in Winklebury Centre near the now derelict Three Barrels pub.

One child accidentally touched what turned out to be an exposed electrical cable, electrocuting them.

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Neil Dodd, who owns Greenway Newsagents, said a member of his staff had helped the child as emergency services were called.

A spokesperson for the Hampshire fire service said: "Basingstoke firefighters were called at around 2pm on August 26 to a derelict building on Winklebury Centre following a call reporting an exposed electrical cable. 

"The crew were sent to investigate, cordoning off the area and making the scene safe. 

"SSE were requested to attend to isolate the cable before HIWFRS left the scene shortly after 3pm."

The child was taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries.