A CRASH at CarFest saw two passengers treated for minor injuries.

Radio DJ Chris Evans, who also organises the event, was involved in the incident.

Mr Evans, 57, flipped over a TukTuk on Saturday, August 26, leaving two female passengers injured. According to onlookers, the presenter had been attempting to perform ‘doughnuts’ in the vehicle.

The Mirror reported that witnesses at the scene said that the injured women were guests of the DJ and they had to be helped out of the upside-down vehicle.

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Both sustained minor injuries in the accident at the event at Laverstoke Park Farm, Overton. 

Mr Evans was not hurt and was seen giving the passengers assistance.

The organisers of CarFest issued a statement on Saturday morning which explained that Mr Evans had been involved in an incident which required assistance from an on-site medical team.

The statement said: “This morning at CarFest the Tuk Tuk which Chris Evans was driving overturned on the track as Chris changed direction.

“The two passengers on board had minor injuries and the CarFest on-site medical team attended to support.”