Is Basingstoke becoming a lawless town?

News that the bandstand in the War Memorial Park has been vandalised is just another symptom of the lack of respect for this otherwise great place to live.

Graffiti is on the increase, which poses a significant challenge. To be fair, the council is efficient in removing what they can but they are not permitted to treat private or business premises. Take a look next time you are walking down some of the alleyways in town.

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Clearly, there needs to be a central initiative to tackle graffiti as soon as it is reported. Owners of private premises could be offered a low-cost re-painting treatment, or more, if the damage is serious (e.g. on brickwork). A list of affected sites could be compiled by the council and reported regularly in the Gazette, so that we can monitor progress in dealing with this affliction.

Bear in mind that this anti-social behaviour is expensive. Years ago, the council supplied Neighbourhood Watch members with a graffiti removal kit. My dwindling supply of chemicals cannot remove spray off-road signs. The many such affected signs on Viables roundabout, for example, would have cost thousands to replace.

Action, please.

Hugh Sawyer

Foyle Park 


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