I was interested to read about a lady who believes that universal free child care should be available (Letters, Basingstoke Gazette, August 3).

I checked the letter, but of course, there was no mention of how this would be funded.

The formative years of a child's upbringing are very important, so why subcontract them to strangers? And why should the taxpayer fund it?

Women used to bring up their own children, then during the Blair years, they were told it was demeaning to stay at home.

A waste of their talents, they should think of their careers.

So, women were forced out to work, where if their career prospects weren't good, most of their wages went on child care.

Of course, there are women, whose circumstances mean they have to work, but I think most women, would rather look after their own children, at least until they go to school.

There should be incentives for women who want to stay at home, to bring up their own children.

The Tories used to be the party of the family, but there is little evidence of this now.

David White

Coates Close, 



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