As an old chap, I am wondering why Royal Mail has not issued stamps bearing His Majesty yet?

After all, it was last September that our beloved Queen passed away, as we all must do.

There was a time when a special stamp would have been issued for a glorious coronation. George V was noted for his stamp collection. 

To think that Royal Mail has barcoded the latest ones, and barred others!

Will there soon be no room for our head of state? 

I am wondering, with modern technology, if the Post Office and Royal Mail have a future?

I know a person who no longer posts Christmas cards, but sends greetings down the line, so sad I think.

Does it matter if the physical message disappears? Might that lead to more unnecessary confusion?

Working over the years with computers, it seems to me that there are comparisons between the ageing of these and the software programs to the human brain.

Different programs not working together is like people with personality differences...  

How does telepathy as a force exist? In my view, on the level of our subconscious.

A higher one being of physical logic, being the absolute here and now. In an infinity of existence, even that might not exist.

Faith conquers all. How will always be a mystery. 

Paul FitzPatrick,

Winklebury Way, 


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