I will be 84 years of age in a matter of days and never cease to be disturbed by Octopus Energy. It bothers me deeply.

On July 29, I received an email advising me my account was £124.73 in credit.

Today, August 4, some three days later, I get a bill showing my balance is owing £91.97. 

I doubt anyone could be more careful with our fuel usage - we even do a great deal of our cooking in our garage on butane gas. 

We only fill our kettle with 'two cups' of water and in every other way, we take care not to be wasteful. 

At my age, I remember when electricity was 6 old pence a unit - now almost 50 pence.  Our gas is programmed for two hours a day to maintain our hot water and we have just seen what profits British Gas are making.

I send my readings religiously every month so I am anxious to know why there is a reference to 'estimated readings' on the bills that have arrived this morning. 

Is this just to cause confusion?

I have frequently complained about why gas, which comes into my house through a meter which measures cubic feet, you have to go through some complicated formula to convert it to Kilowatts. 

It has also concerned me that whenever I write to them, I get a response from a different member of staff who has the ability to respond in a language that makes no sense. Further information that there is cause for real concern.

Graeme Hewitt 



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