As reported in the Gazette, people were invited to 'have their say' at a consultation by Hampshire County Council on a proposed new housing development on land east of Basingstoke.

This so-called consultation was flawed and conclusions drawn from it will lack credibility. 

On July 13, there were four hours in the afternoon at Lychpit Hall, and on July 15 just three hours in a small room at Chineham Library.

There was no event in Old Basing though the people who live there will be affected by any development. 

The publicity for the sessions was appalling; we have been told there was a letter drop in Lychpit and Old Basing, but we have not seen a letter. 

There were posters; to be precise three posters. 

The event at Chineham was in too small a space. 

People attending it could not see the information easily and could not talk to anyone. 

Residents were asked to write their comments on small 'post-it' notes. 

Being cynical, it will be easy to 'lose' some or all of these. 

In the online consultation, questions are asked that lead respondents to, in effect, endorse the plans. 

There is no opportunity to say that there should be no development, and there are multiple reasons why this land should not be used for housing, some of which were covered in Sheena Grassi's letter which was published in the Gazette last week. 

Indeed, as Dame Maria Miller MP has pointed out, Basingstoke as a whole cannot cope with more and more development. 

It is a bit of an insult that our county council is not listening.

Gillian Moore

Broadhurst Grove


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