HAVE you seen a BBC Radio 1 DJ in Basingstoke?

Presenters have been scattered around the country as the station's popular summer game, which involves Breakfast Show host Greg James, has returned.

Those tuning in this morning will have heard that every presenter is in hiding, other than Greg, who has to find them as part of a 'giant DJ hunt'.

Presenters were summoned to the station today but did not show, leaving Greg scratching his head.

A printer was put in the studio. It dispatched a note, which said: "Happy anniversary, Greg. This time last year Radio 1 took your show away from you and you had to win it back by completing the giant jigsaw.

"This year you don't need to worry. You've not lost your show but every other Radio 1 DJ has lost their show. You're the only one left. You're on your own until you work out where they are.

"It's non-stop Greg, until you can find a DJ to replace you."

BBC Radio 1 has put 30 DJs in hiding.

If you think you've spotted a Radio 1 DJ in Basingstoke, you must approach them and say 'are you a Radio 1 DJ?'

If you're right, they'll reply with yes, and will tell you what to do next.

The return of the station's summer 'game' has been teased over the last few days.

A previous version of the games saw Greg compete in hide and seek. He has also been 'kidnapped' on more than one occasion.

In 2020, after the Brit awards, he was blindfolded and bundled into a car, and the following year he was locked in a campervan.