My name is Anna. I come from Poland and currently living in Denmark.

As a little girl, I visited Basingstoke because my uncle Henryk Goj (or actually my granny’s uncle was living there).

I also met my uncle's son - Jozef Goj, who was living in Australia.

We had a really great connection - he was really nice and caring to me. After some time when I was a grown-up, I found his address in Australia (he sent a Christmas card to my granny) and wrote to him.

He answered my email and we had contact.

He said he is going to buy a camper and start travelling (he was retired at that point, I guess). And suddenly he stopped answering my emails.

Recently I was wondering if he is still alive and would love to hear from him.

I googled him and can see that he wrote to your newspaper in 2021 for an article about memories of Prince Phillip visiting Basingstoke.

I am therefore wondering if you maybe have his email address and can share it with me or contact him on my behalf and ask if he wants to contact me. I would love to hear how he is.

I will be very happy and thankful if you could help me with that.

Anna Drobiec


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