A HOSPITAL radio in Basingstoke hosted a double celebration to commemorate a massive milestone for the NHS and an early milestone in the station's life on DAB.

Hospital Radio Basingstoke hosted an all-day live broadcasting event in the sunshine outside of the studio, which is located near the Overton Unit at Basingstoke Hospital, passing on sweets, treats and playing requests for NHS staff and patients in the hospital.

A number of nurses and patients visited the event throughout the day and were interviewed and shown around the radio studio, to the patient's delight. The NHS is currently celebrating a massive milestone of 75 years in its life since its creation in 1948. 

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The mayor of Basingstoke, Cllr David Leeks, also attended the event and said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for the radio station and gives them the opportunity to get outside and meet some of the staff and patients, which is excellent.

Basingstoke Gazette: A number of patients got to have a look around the studio!A number of patients got to have a look around the studio! (Image: Mark Paine, canva)

"Our NHS does a marvellous job and we are all so proud of it. It has been around for 75 years now, and here's to another 75 and many more."

PR officer and Monday evening presenter, Scott Rawlings, said: "We've had a great day today meeting lots of staff and patients and also the mayor. Everyone has come together to celebrate the amazing NHS and all the good work they do here at the hospital and across the community."

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Hospital Radio Basingstoke is a registered charity that broadcasts 24 hours a day to the patients and staff of Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital through the free radio service on the Hospedia terminals, which are installed at almost all beds within the hospital.

Basingstoke Gazette: The mayor also attended the event The mayor also attended the event (Image: Mark Paine)