Dear Editor,

My husband and I decided to go to Lidl in Tadley for the first time. My husband needs a wheelchair when out and about so when shopping he has a basket on his lap. 

On entering Lidl, there were plenty of trolleys and pull along baskets but no small, hand-held baskets.  On querying this, the assistant I spoke to said they only had the pull along baskets.  Not conducive to a wheelchair user or their carer. 

We got a small amount of shopping as that’s all husband could hold.  After completing my shopping, I spoke to a manager who informed me they did have ‘trolleys’ which could fix on to a wheelchair which is all very well if you don’t suffer with arthritis. 

Now, if this isn’t discrimination against people with certain disabilities, then I don’t know what is. 

It would be interesting to know if other people have encountered this kind of discrimination.

I did say at the beginning of this letter that it was our first visit to Lidl, it was also the last!

Wendy Jennings
Forest Close, Baughurst

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