Dear Editor,

I'm writing with regard to a letter in the Gazette on June 22, 2023, claiming Brexit hadn’t led to the disasters that had been promised by Remainers.

No it’s actually been far worse than even the most pessimistic forecast had predicted.

For “cost of living crisis” read “Brexit crisis”.

The negative impact on this country has been totally staggering and unfortunately it will only get worse with the inflation rate in the UK staying high whereas in the EU and the USA it is coming down.

Also with interest rates predicted to keep rising we are probably looking at a recession in the UK later this year.

As for Mr Johnson getting Brexit done, that was another lie with the problem with Northern Ireland still not resolved and the province sat in limbo, without a government because of the chaos Brexit has caused.

Well, we all knew we were going to get a lot poorer when the country voted for Brexit, but now with 67 per cent wanting to rejoin the EU isn’t time to have a third referendum – perhaps a decider this time.

Andy Cox, Chineham, Basingstoke