RESIDENTS at a Basingstoke apartment who complained that their overflowing bins were not collected for weeks have been blamed for the situation. 

Residents living in Regent Court, Norn Hill, reported that the rubbish had not been removed by the borough council from their communal bins. 

Photos sent to the Gazette by a resident show the area overflowing with bags of rubbish. 

However, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council said its waste collection crew was unable to take the rubbish because it included items that should have been taken to a refuse centre.

When the crew returned the following week, old furniture and a large amount of rubbish had been left, blocking access to the bins.

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A spokesperson for Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council said: "Our waste collection crew was unable to empty the bins at Regent Court as the household waste bin contained wood, which should not go into the bin.

"When the crew returned the following week, the waste bins could not be emptied because some old furniture and a large amount of rubbish had been left in front of the bins.

Basingstoke Gazette: Regent Court, Norn HillRegent Court, Norn Hill (Image: Mark Paine)

"When a communal bin has the wrong things in it, or access to a bin store is blocked, it is the responsibility of the managing agent to sort this out, so that waste crews can empty the bins. 

"The council asked First Port, the management company responsible for the block, to clear the bin store. This has now been done so the crews can empty the bins on this week’s collection day."

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A sign in the communal bin area from FirstPort advises residents of what can be included in the bins, stating: "Please place all refuse into bags and into the bins provided. Any bulky household items should be taken to your local refuse centre."

A spokesperson for the property management company said: “While bin collection at Regents Court is the responsibility of the council, we recognise that, despite the containers being regularly emptied, there is an issue with overflowing.

"To address this, we appointed a contractor last week to collect all excess waste around the bin area and we are working with the council to ensure that going forward all rubbish is collected as residents would expect.”

Basingstoke Gazette: A sign on the communal bins A sign on the communal bins (Image: Mark Paine, Canva)