WATCH this group of five boys from a local school near Basingstoke experienced an extraordinary and unexpected surprise as their parents arranged a thrilling helicopter entrance for their school prom.

Aaran Bhogal, Jett Crownshaw, Milo McDermott, Joseph Thomas, and Thomas Leslie, recent graduates of Sherfield School in Sherfield on Loddon, made a grand entrance by landing on a field adjacent to the main gate beside A33.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Aaran expressed his feelings of being special and overwhelmed as he arrived at school alongside his friends.

"We all felt it was the best experience of our lives. Our friends who witnessed our helicopter arrival were flabbergasted, and said 'What an entrance'"

Watch the video of their arrival here:

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While the group had informed the school of their plan to arrive at the prom by helicopter, the majority of students remained unaware.

The sight of a helicopter descending onto their school campus left them pleasantly surprised and awe-struck.

Min Bhogal, Aaran's dad, shared that the idea to hire a helicopter came about unexpectedly.

"The boys wanted to do something different. My wife and I had been in a helicopter before, so we suggested it, and one of Aaran's friends also mentioned it.

"Another parent helped us book the helicopter, as they had a connection with the pilot—an ex-Army pilot."

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Departing from Blackbushe Airport, the five boys flew around their friends' houses before arriving at Sherfield School.

This allowed the parents sufficient time to travel from the airport to the school by car before their sons' grand entrance.

Min Bhogal described the atmosphere at the school as lovely.

The helicopter remained on the school field for 20 minutes, providing an opportunity for parents to capture memorable photographs with their children.

Raji, Aaran's mother, described the occasion as "very special and memorable for all of them." She added: "It marked a significant milestone, and we are incredibly proud of the boys."

Raji expressed her gratitude to Tracey and Alan McDermott, Milo's parents, for their assistance in booking the helicopter, as well as Richard Leslie, Thomas's father, for capturing the cherished moments with his camera.