A 13-YEAR-OLD from Basingstoke has received an Olympic title that recognises the young girl as a wrestling champion.

After wrestling for only 12 months, Ella Dorkin travelled to Manchester on Saturday, May 13, to participate in the Britain Championships. 

After a long day of wrestling against her opponents, she received the well-deserved title of British Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Champion.

Ella originally started wrestling to enhance her Brazilian Jiujitsu, which she's been training and competing in for the last seven years.

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The talented teen also won gold at the British Brazilian Jiujitsu Championships last month. 

She is now the only junior female to hold both 2023 British titles. 

Ella said: "It's been really exciting. I've been training really hard and focusing a lot on improving my wrestling, so winning this British title is great."

Moving forward, Ella is now hoping to compete in Olympic Freestyle Wrestling at an international level at the end of the year. 

She is also preparing to be competing in Abu Dhabi at the Brazilian Jiujitsu Youth World Championships.

Andrea Dorkin, Ella's mum, said: "We are really proud of Ella, she sacrifices a lot for martial arts. She's very committed and dedicated to her sports. 

"She worked really hard preparing for the British Championships and deserves it."

Ella's passion for Brazilian Jiujitsu has continued to grow ever since she first started training and through her success at competitions across the United Kingdom, Europe and America.