It's good to read that £800m is signed off for a new hospital to be at Junction 7 off the M3 or the current site. It seems that the preferred site is off the M3.

Yes, we need more beds and facilities and already many are having to travel to Winchester or Andover for procedures and treatments. So have the executives, councillors, Maria Miller and all involved, thought about how people are going to get to the supposedly already chosen M3 site? Do they know how busy the M3 gets especially in winter holidays or accidents? And how are those of us who can't drive supposed to get there? Having to rely on family or taxis is either not possible or as with taxis the fares are already high enough just to go 15 mins to Basingstoke. Our hospital is old and needs repair and more beds but even though I won't be around to see this proposal, I would prefer extending the current site. Plus visitors would also have to drive in many cases much further. Maybe they will lay on buses to get there for those who are disabled and can't walk far?

L Hicks

Silverdale Road