THE organisers of a family festival that was cancelled in Basingstoke are being investigated by Trading Standards as hundreds of people demand their money back.

Some families in Basingstoke are still waiting for a refund for the cancelled Kids Party in the Park event, which was meant to take place in Popley in April but did not go ahead because the organisers failed to show how they would keep the public safe.

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Despite knowing that the organisers had failed to refund Basingstoke ticket holders, Portsmouth City Council still granted a licence for an event to go ahead in Southsea on May 29, issuing it just days before the event took place.

However, hundreds of people who attended are now demanding their money back, claiming that the event was a ‘disappointment’ and ‘rip off’, described as having just ‘one half-built poxy stage’ in an ‘empty field’ and many of the promised activities not there such as a toddler area, outdoor cinema, foam party, free funfair and circus skills.

One angry ticket holder, Luc Owen, said: “£80 for a family ticket at Portsmouth. Only two small rides were free, and the others were £3-5 a time. The entertainment on stage was non-existent. Where was the foam party for the kids? Tell me how I get a refund please.”

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Megan Fry is still waiting for a refund for the cancelled Basingstoke event and said: “I have sent multiple emails and messages and still no response. When will I get my money back?”

The organiser’s licence granted by Portsmouth City Council gave no mention of an outdoor cinema or foam party.

Now, Portsmouth City Council has confirmed that the organisers are being investigated by Trading Standards, as they continue to sell tickets to another event planned for Eastbourne in August.

A group with more than 750 people demanding their money back have questioned why the council granted a licence to the organisers when it was warned of the problems with the Basingstoke event.

A spokesperson for the council said: “In Portsmouth we have at least a six-year history of this company holding events. We had no grounds for considering that it would not be able to deliver another event.

“When considering permission for an event the council’s job, along with emergency services and other local organisations, is to make sure the event can be held safely. This requirement was satisfied so permission was given.

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“We’re very disappointed that on this occasion, many people were dissatisfied with what was provided. We will reflect on the complaints received and the possibility of this event returning.

“Council trading standards officers are aware of the concerns raised and are investigating.”

Those who believe their complaint has not been satisfactorily dealt with by the event organisers are asked to contact Citizens Advice, which works closely with the trading standards team.

Kids Party in the Park has not responded to a request for a comment.

The CA consumer service is on 0808 223 1133 or see