Had to visit the hospital this week, and as I was leaving decided, I needed the toilet. Most were engaged, and as I waited outside, I noticed that the toilet was now designated, male, female, wheelchair and baby changing. I looked at other toilets, they all appeared to have been changed.

I eventually, found a vacant toilet, opened the door, on a startled lady, who was washing her hands. “I thought, I had locked it,” she said obviously embarrassed. When I got in the toilet, I could see the problem, as the door opens either way for wheelchair access, there is no rebate to push the door against to lock it, so you have to fiddle with the door to make sure it is locked.

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The NHS is always pleading poverty, so how much did this all cost? What was the medical reason for the change? Of course, we will never know, as with all the public services, the decision will have been taken by a committee. This means that no individual can be held responsible for a decision. Does no politician, have the guts to completely reform the NHS?

David White

Coates Close