ACCLAIMED comedy legend Ross Noble has returned to his first love – live comedy and he will be heading to Basingstoke.

Noble will be taking his brand new 57-date stand-up tour Jibber Jabber Jamboree across the UK, starting later this year.

Across the tour, Noble will be stopping off at The Anvil on Thursday, February 8, 2024.

Jibber Jabber Jamboree marks Noble's 21st solo stand-up tour. To celebrate this milestone, he is inviting audiences to join him for an evening of the sort of inspired nonsense that has cemented his place as the supreme master of stream-of-conscious freewheeling stand-up. 

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On what audiences can expect from his new tour, he said: “It will be a playful experience for young and old. Imagine watching someone create a magic carpet on an enchanted loom. Oh, hang on, magic carpets fly, that would smash the loom as it took flight. I haven’t thought that through. That is what people can expect. Razor-sharp observations on things I haven’t thought through.” 

Noble also explained how he thinks this tour will differ from his others.

He continued: "I've got significantly better hotel accommodation. That’s the main thing. Also, there are people coming to see me now who came with their parents when they were kids. That messes with your head a little bit."

He went on say everyone who comes along will get 'the full experience'.

He said: "I did the shows in Sydney recently and there was this couple that came three nights running and sat in the same seats. I did a different show every night, I’ve done six hours, and I haven't repeated any of the ideas and then afterwards, they went: ‘Oh, you never did that bit again that we really liked'".

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It has been a tradition that fans leave items on stage during the interval for him to use in the second half of your set.

Talking about this Noble said: "Somebody left a pin from a ten-pin bowling alley and then a few nights later, somebody left another one. So I tweeted about it, and over the course of the tour, I got all ten and we set up a bowling alley in the dressing room."

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