A LUCKY fan at Basingstoke Comic Con convinced Doctor Who star David Tennant to take her BeReal selfie.

The fan took a risk during the Q&A session on Sunday, May 21, asking the Time Lord if he would let her take a photo with him for the popular social media app, to which he responded: "What's a BeReal?"

BeReal is a popular photo-sharing app that lets users share one photo per day to show their followers what they are doing at that moment, users receive a random notification during the day and must share a picture showing what they are doing when they receive it.

You can watch the video here:

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Initially hesitant, saying "We are definitely not meant to do this, by the way", the world-renowned actor gave in and invited the girl on stage.

Tennant joked: "And this is legal? This isn't some kind of Russian terrible awful - well it's your phone it's not mine good luck to you."

The lucky fan has since posted the selfie she took on Twitter:

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Having admitted he'd never heard of the social media app, Tennant was visibly impressed by the results.

He said: "Oh that's quite cool, that is quite cool, you can't see this but it's really cool."

Once the crowd had cooled down, Tennant remarked: "I'm just really pleased I know about something called BeReal."

Off camera, he joked about how impressed his children will be with him once they find out.