RESIDENTS living near a block of flats owned by an affordable homes provider have complained that the communal bin storage area is being used for fly-tipping.

The flats, in Spindle Close, Oakridge, are owned by Vivid and have an indoor communal bin storage area on the ground floor, meant for residents.

However, Kevin Bartlett, who lives near the flats, said it has been unsecured for more than a year, resulting in people using it for fly-tipping.

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“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said the 74-year-old, adding: “People from other areas have taken loads of rubbish there and there are rats and food everywhere. I’ve been in touch with Vivid and they say it’s the borough council’s problem, so I got in touch with the council and they said it’s not their responsibility, it’s Vivid.”

At a loss as to how to resolve the problem, Mr Bartlett contacted the Gazette for help, adding: “The council won’t go in there and clear it. I just walked my dogs past there and two rats ran out in front of me.”

Mr Bartlett, who is retired and lives with his wife, said the problem began around a year ago when the lock to the communal bin storage area broke.

He said: “The houses down the road are chucking bags of rubbish in there. People are so frustrated because everyone is passing the buck and it’s been going on for a year. We are at our wit's end.”

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The Gazette visited the flats, called The Sweep, and found the bin storage area overflowing with rubbish, including full bin bags, rubbish including food and other larger items dumped all over the floor both inside and outside.

All of the large bins inside were overflowing with rubbish and the area smelt. A sign on the door, which was hidden by items propped up against it, said it should be closed at all times.

Both Vivid and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council have been asked for a comment.


Carolyn Munns, head of property services at Vivid said: “We have been made aware of a fly-tipping issue in the communal rubbish store at Spindle Close. 

"We have arranged for rubbish to be cleared and a deep clean will then be conducted by the end of this week.  We will be monitoring the store to try and mitigate any future fly tipping issues.”

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s head of contracted services Helen Taylor-Cobb said: “When a bin store becomes overloaded it is the responsibility of the land owner to remove the excess waste so that waste crews can access the bins.

“The council was alerted to the issue at Spindle Close on Friday 21 April and an officer visited the site on the same day. The bin store was found to be overloaded with no access for the crew to empty the bins.

“The council has spoken to Vivid who has raised an emergency clearance request to clear the excess waste as soon as possible so that collections can resume.”