ORGANISERS of Basingstoke Comic Con have addressed concerns from the public after people on social media claimed the star-studded guest list which includes David Tennant and Jeffrey Dean Morgan 'seems too good to be true'.

Jane Lowther, managing director of KTEG Limited, the event company putting together the convention, told the Gazette that she is "genuinely thrilled to see how much support the event has had from so many" but she added that she is "aware there are some who have their concerns".

She said: "Basingstoke Comic Con is new, so some people feel it might seem too good to be true and I sympathise with that."

She added: "Every guest we have announced has been done so with contracts in place, and approval had."

The Gazette has seen these documents signed by guests who are confirmed to be attending, as well as receipts with proof of bank transfers of money to the agents of the stars.

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Jane continued: "I am not creating this event to make false promises or to scam people, but to show it is possible with hard work and determination."

Jane has received abusive messages online, and even had a member of the public turn up at her house to question her about the legitimacy of the event.

"I want to address the concerns as it has started to get out of hand," she said.Basingstoke Gazette:

As part of their contracts, confirmed guests have to produce a video for social media, confirming they will be in attendance.

Jane noted that there are people who are passionate about the event, but some have taken it too far and "crossed the line".

"It is scary when you get people at your front door asking about it."

Jane, who is on medication having suffered from breast cancer, continued: "I've been advised not to be in stressful situations, but it has been very difficult not to get stressed when things like this happen."

She wanted to make it clear that "there is no point hosting an event like this if we don't make it good".

She continued: "If we are going to do the event, we are going to do it properly."

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Jane added that she is "committed to putting on the best event possible and proving that Basingstoke has what it takes to attract some of the biggest names out there".

She said: "I am confident next year people will be able to jump straight into being excited without any doubts"

Simon Bonello is the managing director of Bigger Picture, the creative digital agency based in Basingstoke which is behind the marketing for the event.

In a statement, he said: "We have worked closely with Basingstoke Comic Con to launch their new brand and website, and have witnessed their commitment to venue planning, guest appearances and vendors."

He added: "Having walked around the venue with the planners and interacted with confirmed guests on social media, there is no doubt in our minds about the legitimacy of the event."

He continued "We can't wait!"

Basingstoke Comic Con is due to take place at the Hampshire Court Hotel from Friday, May 19 to Sunday, May 21.

You can find out more information on their website